Although the Volkswagen Group has shut down two of its major racing teams, marketing boss Juergen Stackman says the brand is still open to going racing.

That racing will likely come in the form of electric motorsport, though. Audi has already established that it will invest itself more heavily in Formula E, but the Volkswagen brand has yet to make a commitment to any racing series.

“We will see in the next years how we evolve, but I think there are some interesting aspects in electric motorsport,” Stackmann told carscoops . “It’s a young scene, which might show opportunities in the years to come, but it is way too early to make a call on that one.”

Earlier in the year, though, the brand called on rallycross championships (the FIA World RX and Red Bull GRC) to establish an electric racing series, as the short, intense blasts of the series are perfectly suited to current battery technology.

Since then that American  Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship  has announced that it will include an electric class in 2018.

With Volkswagen the current champions of the Red Bull GRC, and with no indication that they’re looking to divest themselves of involvement in the series, an electric rallycross car would make sense.

Whatever the case, it looks like Volkswagen Motorsport will, like Dylan, be going electric.

[source: carscoops ]