If you're clever, self-motivated, and have an inkling for what the market wants, selling your wares on Amazon can be a good way to make some dough. Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America seems to think so; today, the company announced that it has begun selling home chargers for plug-in electrified vehicles through the American online retail giant.

Electrify America says its home EV charger is "compatible with all-electric vehicles available in the North American market today," So far, as it concerns Volkswagen's lineup, that just includes the VW e-Golf available in select states, but of course, plenty more EVs are on the way from the German brand.

The home charger from Electrify America is available for $499 U.S., and it can put out up to 7.6kW - around six times more power than the basic level 1 chargers shipped with many plug-in electrified vehicles, according to the company. A colored ring light on the front face of the unit indicates the current state-of-charge, and the charger can either be hard-wired into the owner's home electrical infrastructure or simply plugged into a 240V outlet like many similar units.

Electrify America plans to roll out an update to its existing mobile app that can link up with the home charger, covering both home and public charging under one umbrella. The update should allow users to check their current charge session, view their charging history, and more. And, the company's even taking pains to ease installation for owners, working with company Qmerit to make hooking everything up as seamless as possible.

Electrify America was birthed out of Volkswagen's diesel-emissions cheating scandal and the ensuing lawsuit and settlement . Apart from offering this home EV charger for personal use, the subsidiary is also working to build up a network of public EV chargers across the country. By the end of this year, Electrify America ought to have public charging stations in 42 states and 17 metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.