Volkswagen is teaming up with three leading Isreali cyber security experts to found CYMOTIVE Technologies. Led by Yuval Diskin, Tsafrir Kats, and Dr Tamir Bechor, the company will work to protect connected cars with mobile services from hackers.

Car makers are increasingly coming under fire for making cars that are easy to steal. And with cars increasingly controlled by wires, fears of driver’s having control stolen from them is hard.

"The car and the Internet are becoming increasingly integrated,” said Dr Volkmar Tanneberg, head of Electronic Development at Volkswagen. “To enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the next decade, we need to expand our know-how in cyber security in order to systematically advance vehicle cyber security for our customers. CYMOTIVE Technologies provides an excellent platform for doing this. It is a long-term investment in cyber security to make vehicles and their ecosystem more secure."

Yuval Diskin was  formerly the head of the Israeli Security Service, and has been consulting on cyber  security for some time now, according to Automotive News.

Israel in general, though, has become a center for cyber security, with companies like Harman International Industries and IBM buying local companies and investing in research centers.