Volkswagen's electric plans are firming up and in North America that means two waves of releases. Each wave will be made up of three cars.

The first three cars will be an SUV, a compact SUV, and a sedan. All based on VW's all electric MEB platform and will lead the electric charge in America.

The automaker was less confident about what the following three cars will be. Volkswagen of America's Chief Engineering Officer, Matthias Erb, admitted that these three could change based on how well the first three are received.

Erb went on to say that although these are the cars planned for the North American Region, other regions may elect to release different cars. In total, the Volkswagen Group wants to release 30 cars worldwide by 2025, not all of which will be available in every market.

So far, VW has revealed two electric concepts--the I.D. hatchback and the I.D. Buzz microbus--with plans to reveal two more concepts--a sedan and an SUV--by year's end.

The fate of the I.D. Buzz, meanwhile, is a little less certain. Although the microbus lookalike is popular among VW employees and the media, the marketplace is tilted against it. As a result, the chances of the concept making it to production are uncertain.