At the l aunch of the updated Golf this morning , Dr Frank Welsch announced that a similarly updated e-Golf will be revealed at the LA Auto Show next week.

On top of the infotainment updates and mild visual tweaks that will likely come with the new e-Golf, the next generation of Volkswagen’s all electric compact car will feature a significantly increased range.

The upcoming e-Golf will reportedly go up to 186 miles on a charge. That would gives it about 100 miles more range than the current generation, thanks largely to increased battery capacity. That range puts it well ahead of the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus Electric.

The e-Golf is a bit of a place holder for VW, though, as the brand prepares the all-electric ID for sale in 2020 . The ID is based on VW’s MEB platform, a rear engine chassis designed from the ground up to be all-electric and to have a range of up 373 miles.