Back in May Volkswagen’s legal department was hard at work trademarking the name Australia for some reason and now the same team (I assume) is hard at work trademarking some suffixes.

The names Australia Ocean , Australia Coast , and Australia Beach were all trademarked at the European trademark office last week.

Although there’s little to be gleaned from the filings, the suffixes do shed some light on what VW is planning here.

Thanks to Germany’s love of order we can guess that the Australia will be broadly similar to the California camper (pictured). The pop-top camper also bears the names California Ocean and California Beach.

For the California, the names simply indicate the trim level, with Ocean being the highest. So we're assuming that these will be trims for a camper of some description.

The larger question, of what new vehicle the Europeans are planning on attaching the names to, is still a mystery, though. And it's interesting to think that VW wants to add a new camper to the lineup and to imagine what it will be based on.

I, for one, would love to see a pop-top Up! for humble campists. HGTV could feature it alongside a passive-aggressive couple on Tiny House Hunters.

Reporting help from Dennis Chung