Volkswagen’s record setting 2016 was a clear indication to the company that its TOGETHER-2025 plan to move from TDI to electric vehicles was the correct path. The plan then is to continue down the “green” path it has set for itself.

One of the core pillars of its plan for the future is electrification. The technology is still young, though, so much research will need to go into improving battery technology to increase range and/or reduce charging times.

Volkswagen has now confirmed that it has committed funds to the development of a development center for battery technology all its own.

“The center of excellence headed up by our lead VW brand is expected to begin operating in the second quarter of this year,” said Matthias Mülller, Group CEO at a press conference. “It will assume responsibility for the development, procurement and quality assurance of all of the Group’s battery cells and models.”

Technologies from this factory, therefore, will find their way into everything from the ID, to the attractive Bentley convertible grand tourer . Although VW will be working on its own batteries, it will welcome help from outside developers.

It’s all part of VW’s plan to “assume the position of world market leader in electromobility,” says Müller.

[source: Auto Express ]