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vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems?

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over a week ago i ordered a boost gauge, an air/fuel gauge, a gauge pod(all autometer) and a shift knob(momo).
i just got off the phone with michael for new dimensions and he said they were waiting on a Neuspeed(?!?!?!!!) shipment to get my stuff out?
I'm a bit confused.
has anyone had any problems with ND in the past?
just seems kind of rediculous to wait nearly 3 weeks for gauges and a stupid shift knob
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

i've gotten almost everything i have so far from them and they have been excellant... calling me back and sometimes checking if my order came okay and what not... i guess it depends on who you get as a salesman... i've delt with someone named chris there a few times before... he's good
two thumbs up.... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (ri-v-dub)

yea well so far
i just want my damn gauges.
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

noone else?
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (Driftin GTI)

quote:[HR][/HR]Why don't you call Tim (ND Owner and a super nice guy) directly and ask where your stuff is at? Makes sense to me.[HR][/HR]​
Aye. Why do people feel the need to bash companies without putting forth some effort and finding out the answers to their questions
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (Driftin GTI)

I didn't bash ND...
I just want to know if anyone has had any bad experiences?
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

I won’t get into details, but I’ve ordered from ND several times. Their level of service became progressively worse with each order I placed. The final straw was when they sold me a product, which they didn’t have in stock, took my money, and called me a week later stating that it never shipped and was back ordered at the distributor for 6 - 10 weeks. About a month later and still waiting, ND had a sale in which I could have saved 35% on the same product I ordered. After all the frustration, calling, and email, I asked them to extend the sale to me - they told me to piss off. Then I found parts4vws.com

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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

Just e-mail Tim and ask when you gauges shipped and if he could e-mail you the tracking number. That way you'll know when to expect it.
[email protected]
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (BoraVR6)

i've ordered from them once....got my merchandise quickly, and im in nj....thats not to say they arent prone to error though. it's your money, i say complain till you get what you want. without the consumer the business is dead in the water......i'm sure they are reasonable and realize this.
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

I ordered my original first mod from them --- Cheap aftermarket r!ce pedals. You all know the kind I'm talking about -- the ones that are made out of hard plastic and look like pressed steel -- the ones that they sell at all performance shops for 20$ for a set.
So anyway, the shipping and ordering process went well, I got the pedals WAY ahead of schedule, but the @ssholes at ND had the pedals listed under "MKIV Accessories" and they didn't fit the contours of the MK4 pedals. I even tried modifiying the clamping device so they fit my pedals -- no luck. They wouldn't take the pedals back, even though they gave my incorrect information about them when I bought them, and they were blister packed, so I was able to replace them to the packaging like brand new. So basically, now I go with Dubwerks, Ebay, or Parts4vws.com.
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

I had nothing but trouble with ND thats why I don't shop there anymore.

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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (nw bora)

hey guys thanks for all your responces!
i'll let you guys know how it turns out with Turbo tim!!!
(oh, and uh, look out for that little black GTi.. I've heard he hauls ass
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

I've had no problems at all with ND, and have used them a couple of times. It seems like the experiences are mixed.
Good luck
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

My GF order a Jetex catback as a Christmasgift for me from ND and it only took 1 1/2 weeks for me to get it.
Sorry to hear its taking you so long to get your stuff.
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (Knockwurst)

My experience with ND is similar to Knockwurst's. I called them looking for a 28mm Neuspeed rear sway bar, asked them if they had it in stock, they said "Yes, we do". I asked the person on the phone to confirm that this is indeed a 28mm rear sway for MkIV chassis, he said he'd go and check with the warehouse. A few minutes later he comes back and tells me that it is exactly what I need and it will be shipped next day. At that point I give him my credit card information and everything goes fine. Until a week later, that is, when I decide to call ND back and ask for the tracking number. To my surprise, I hear that the part never shipped, that they DID NOT have it in stock when I called them to buy it, and it was on a 6-8 week backorder from Neuspeed. At that point I inqure as to why I was given wrong information, and the answer is, basically: I am not sure and I don't know who you talked to, but we would not have told you we have the part is we don't. at this point I am getting somewhat upset and politely ask to cancel my order and credit the money back to my credit card. A week and a half go by, noone has credited my account back, so I call them back. This time I spend approx. 45 minutes on hold, three different people answer me over that period of time only to put me back on hold again. Finally, I get to speak to someone and I am told that noone has made any records or attempts to give my money back. Politely, although souding frustrated, I ask to return my money and state my dissatisfaction with their service. Two days later, I finally get the funds credited to my card account...
There, that is my own experience with ND. It was my first attempt to buy from them, and I found the experience unacceptable, so I never intend to deal with ND again.
Your milegae may vary.
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

Hmm, ND, yeah, I've done business with them before. I have also done business with 1552 design and Parts4VWs.com.. the best one seems to be Parts, but 1552 is a close second.
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (Retro)

Parts4vws.com is the best hands down. I once asked for Kamei Front Splitters painted silver (they used to make them come prepainted silver but they have since stopped) and Mrs. Potterman (POtterman's wife) looked all over the place, from America to Germany for a couple of weeks for the prepainted ones. When she couldn't find them, she called me, and informed that I could either have the unpainted ones at my doorstep in 2 days, or I could get a refund. I opted for the refund, and 2 days later my CC was refunded. THAT is service.
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (VarLordahl)

well i emailed tim and he fowarded the mail to his sales manager
I'm still confused...
this is the email i got from Tony
quote:[HR][/HR]Your order is being held up by a Neuspeed
shipment we are awaiting. The shipment should
be here on between monday and wednesday of
next week. Once it arrives you order will go out
the same day via Fed-ex 3-day.
here's what i don't understand... i didn't ORDER anything from neuspeed. unless they're getting Autometer gauges/pods from there and/or my MoMo shift knob

at least they're sending it 3 day fedex so i should have it by wed. of next week.
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Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (kingpinGTI)

Most likely they get there some of their stuff from Neuspeed. Instead of placing orders every week or so with Neuspeed they may do one large one every month or so. Alot of places in the VW aftermarket get their products from one or two places due to distribution rights. Next time get the persons name you are ordering from and shop around.
Re: vwaftermarket.com... anyone have any problems? (Driftin GTI)

finally tony clarified it for me.
they get my gauge pod from euspeed.
was it really that hard to say?
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