VWR has released an upgraded lower engine mount for seventh generation Golf GTI and R, as well as other MQB vehicles like the Audi A3 and S3.  The upgraded unit works to make the car feel much sharper, and reduce wheel hop during hard acceleration.  VWR's Lower Mount kit also includes a billet aluminum dog bone link for additional stiffness.

Read the full Press Release below.

We are pleased to announce another Golf 7 and MQB-platform VWR upgrade. The latest product from our motorsport development on the Golf 7 is the VWR UPRATED LOWER ENGINE MOUNT.

The VWR Uprated Lower Engine Mount stiffens the whole location of the drivetrain greatly to give a much tighter, sharper feeling to the car. No more jerky behaviour on and off the throttle or during gearchange, and ‘wheel hop’ off the line is all-but eliminated. Of course, a bit more noise from the drivetrain comes into the cabin, but most keen drivers love the sense that they are more ‘connected’ to their car, and the gentle ‘growl’ that the mounts convey.

For the first time for a VWR Lower Engine Mount, this new MQB Lower Mount now includes a billet aluminium Torque Link (often known as the dog bone link). Unlike the OEM aluminium torque link fitted to last generation A5-platform Mk5/6 cars, the Golf 7 MQB platform now use a pressed steel item from factory. Our testing showed this pressed steel part to lack the stiffness needed for an uprated or hard-driven car.

The added stiffness of the VWR Torque Link has allowed us to reduce the durometer (stiffness) rating of the polymer used, meaning less compromise on NVH.

Our development programme has undergone numerous updates and revisions to the design and durometer (hardness) rating of the polymer, using Golf GTI, GTI PP and R models in manual and DSG configuration as test vehicles. We believe that we have perfected the balance between comfort and control with the final product.