[Photos: Si Gray]

The sun has come out at Lake Worthersee, eager to greet the many enthusiasts who've come early for Europe's largest Volkswagen gathering.  Making his way to the many meets and usual hang outs, our UK contributor Si Gray is on the ground in Austria and filed this latest group of photos from his first weekend there.


As you may recall, Si is in town a week early to catch the most die-hard of enthusiasts. This group, often with some seriously impressive cars, shows up ahead of the main event so as not to get mired in the craziness of the ever-growing crowds during the actual show week. This year however, the number of early attendees is though the roof, making traffic and parking a bit more hectic, forcing some noteworthy cars to be parked alongside the road rather than in their normal spots.


Not one to be easily deterred, Mr. Gray scoured the landscape in search of the best cars in attendance, and will continue to send daily galleries our way into next week. He'll then depart Wörthersee for a quick 12 hour stop-off in the UK before boarding a plane destined for Southern Wörthersee here in the states.  For the time being, follow along and see some of Europe’s most impressive modified Volkswagens and other notable cars that show up here.


Today’s photos can be found in the column to the right of this story or by  following this link , along with the photos from Day 1.