Today is our last day of Wörthersee 2016 coverage and we’re featuring the stuff that just didn’t fit into another gallery. There’s a lot of air cooled stuff, some Audis, a new Beetle, some vans, and a whole lot more. The nice thing about this gallery is that it’s kind of Volkswagen at its most Volkswagen-y. The company made its name being quirky and it’s maintained that thanks to equally quirky fans.

So take a look at our favorite oddballs from Wörthersee 2016:


The Beetle is the car that started it all for the Wölfsburg automaker and this is a fine example of why. With its neo-rat rod aesthetic, this sloppily painted example with retro yellow headlights, this Beetle hits all the right marks.


One of the cool things about foreign shows is seeing foreign market cars (a complicated statement here, but don’t read too deeply into it). This lime green Amarok is fun not only because it’s a chance see a car we never see in America, but also because it’s interesting to see how Germans interpret the decidedly American notion of a pickup.


The surfer look is always in style, especially for classic VWs. This Kombi pickup is a great example of the breed and has too many great details to list, like the VW repair guy, the toy car on the roof, and the sun visor.




One weird design cue that popped up a lot at Wörthersee was candy-themed cars and I kind of love it? It’s weird, but candy wrappers are designed to look good on oddly shaped, vaguely rectangular canvases, so it carries over surprisingly well to cars. And who doesn’t love a candy bar? Maybe designing your van to look like candy isn’t the best idea, but as long as you stay away from public parks and schools this is kind of great.


The Karmann Ghia is a sweet little sports car. Its proportions are just about perfect, and it manages to look friendly and fun. It’s a masterpiece in designing a car to look like what it is and it’s a fine example of why people love VW so much. This isn’t a track monster, so there’s no point in making it look aggressive or mean. Instead it’s a fun car with a great little engine that belongs in the sun. And this one, lowered and on Fuchs alloys, is just that, but more.

Now take a look at our gallery of odds and ends and weep, for it shall be another year before we visit the lake again.