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W.T.Know: When to shift with my mods?

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Read previous posts before but i think my case is different since car is not stock.
-V6 engine with Schrick 268 cams.
-G60 tranny with V6 bell housing to fit.
-Lightened flywheel at 10lbs.
Trying to figure out the optimum rpm to shift off the line in a hurry (no nitrous).
1) from start, what rpm should i rev up to before dropping clutch and going on first gear? Or start with 2nd gear?

2) then what rpms comes after that with the rest of the gears?
The lightened flwheel makes the revs go up so fast at the start, esp with the G60 tranny. One blink of the eye and it's at 6k. Should i maintain the revs high up there after that for the cams by shifting fast? So am i losing torque already with the tranny and gear is shorter now?
what about the different rpms with nitrous on (keeping in mind the mods)?
I could figure this out myself with test runs but it would be great if someone has already done it.
Some intelligent input needed
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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