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waht is this filter?

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what is this filter?

What is this screen mesh here?
Is it on all of the mkiv's?

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Re: waht is this filter? (WhosYourDaddy)

thanks a lot!!!
Re: waht is this filter? (mrdejected)

do NOT remove that no matter what people may tell you.. it would be bad m'kay..
Re: waht is this filter? (Godlike)

I have heard if you remove it you get better response and air flow? i have seen pics of cars that did an air box mod and removed it? If it is so important why don't other cars have them? Seems goofy to me.
Re: waht is this filter? (GTI*VR6)

if you remove it, just make sure nothing gets into or else...
Re: waht is this filter? (Kyokushin)

I thought other cars DO have them.
Inside the MAF are two VERY VERY VERY thin wires that incoming air flows over. These wires are used to measure incoming air mass. See the Bentley-published book "How to Understand, Service, and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management" by Charles O. Probst, which will give you good info how it works.
These wires are as thin if not thinner than a human hair. If any solid object enters, it can take out these wires and then boom, dead MAF.
I would NOT remove that screen.
Re: waht is this filter? (Bartnik)

mine is removed with zero MAF failures after 35k
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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