Volkswagens of all stripes were in Irwindale, California earlier this month racing the 1/8 mile drag strip. Youtuber Mike Chatham was there with his camera capturing all of the action in a video he released yesterday.

It opens on the Hot VWs Drag Day Show and Shine, which features great Beetles, vans, and even a battle-ready Thing.

The racing, though, starts at 9:23 and features some seriously quick cars that cover the furlong in 5.65 seconds (which some back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest would get them in the very low nines over the 1/4 mile). And, of course, you can watch some Beetles pop wheelies (14:24).

Oh, and a Beetle runs into a wall at the end of the video (27:43).

The video is, admittedly, a little long at 28 minutes, but Chatham has the decency to post time stamps for the video's main events.

Enjoy all of the racing below and wish that summer would come quicker.