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Wanted: Dog Gate/Cargo Partition for 05 Golf

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Hi all. I am looking for a cargo/dog partition for my 05 Golf. I have two dogs, so I would be using the partition with the back seats down. I am currently using a gate that is adjustable, but it keeps getting pushed over by the dogs. if I didn't care about the headliner or the back of the seats below the gate, then i would just tighten it up (I did that in my 92 Volvo wagon, but don't want to in the Golf). Currently, to prevent damage to the headliner I have taken foam pipe insulation and wrapped it around the outer edge of the gate (this kind of looks like a rollbar). To keep the back of my seats from being punctured by the cheap gate I have placed a piece of wood underneath the bolts. The wood is not attached and promotes the sliding of the gate.
At any rate, what I want is a slick gate/partition that will not damage my car, but protect it from my dogs.
Looking forward to responses!
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Re: Wanted: Dog Gate/Cargo Partition for 05 Golf (05anthracitegolf)

Wow...abosolutely no responses. I have done a search and only came up with one silly lead...to a dead end. Any way, what I want will have to be a custom job, so if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear 'em. Are there really no Golf owners who have dogs? What's up?
Re: Wanted: Dog Gate/Cargo Partition for 05 Golf (05anthracitegolf)

i put both my mastiffs back there and have tried many things to try and keep it clean back there....almost impossible....i was thinking of the custom gate thing too...any other leads...hit me up...maybe we can come up with something togehter.....2 heads are better than one....
maybe this one will work with some modification
the drivers gear cargo partition for the taureg
Re: (Alkyoneus)

That would be nice, except i need to have the back seat down when the dogs are in the car (black lab & pitbull). Reeallyy don't want them in the front area. I made custom fitted cushions for the cargo area and for the seat area when the seat is folded down.
I know...some ask why I bought a Golf if I want my dogs to have an area in the car. Well, driving alone 95% of the time i wanted a smaller car. And Golf has been great!! it's first month. Last weekend my husband and I went on a weekend trip with the dogs. I bought the carrier bars and a Thule cargo carrier and we were all set! The cargo carrier actually fits in the car with the seat down. (Of course the dogs aren't in there). I love having everything I need contained in that little car.
I'm thinking this partition is going to have to be custom made. i would like it to attach to the car itself (though that thought kinda scares me, but hey...) I would want it to be easily removed as well. I don't want it in there all time. Mostly weekends.
Any ideas what type of garage or ??? to go to?
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