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Warning light yet again :-(

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If you remember, last Saturday my check engine light came on in my 01 GTI. Well, it was checked out, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it.
So I'm driving back to school today, stop for gas, and as I pull out of the station, the damn light comes on again. Arrrrggghhh.
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Re: Warning light yet again :-( (toolgirl)

do u have any mods?
Re: Warning light yet again :-( (GTI628V)

was it the MIL light? Don't know if this will help, but make sure your gas cap is on really good. Sometimes when it isn't, it makes the ecu go kray kray. Hope that helps
Re: Warning light yet again :-( (Oltorf)

No mods, and I made sure that my gas cap was super-ultra-tight on

I guess I'm not worried about it, just annoyed because I have to take it to the dealer again.
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Re: Warning light yet again :-( (toolgirl)

find someone with a VAG-COM in your area and see if anything pops up.. it'll maybe save going to the dealer..
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