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Washing intercooler???

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I took my intercooler off, I fear it might have ingested some pieces of my blown G-lader.
What's the best way to take it off??
Any else I should consider doing while having my bumper and charger out of there??
Thanx!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Washing intercooler??? (MaestroG60)

when you get it off, take it to a radiator shop and have them back flush it.
You can remove and clean all the intercooler tubing yourself, Remove it all, check it over for cracks/whatever and replace anything that looks iffy when you put the squeeze on it.
Re: Washing intercooler??? (mrkrad)

Take the intercooler to a radiator shop, $10-20. Remove and clean all boost and return lines and the throttle body valve (you'll need a new gasket). Make damn sure you get every little piece out. Use a flashlight/sunlight and look thru them at every angle. Debris left in there will turn a new charger into a million pieces in a short time. I learned that one the hard way.
Re: Washing intercooler??? (LysholmG60)

yes definatlty take every thing apart and have that IC professionally cleaned. I thought I had cleaned my IC very well 3 yrs ago when I rebuilt my engine but when I took apart my IC a month ago I found the charger's upper axle bearing guide in the IC and I spent about an hour flushing it with HOT HOT water and degreasing concentrate. The IC is a good filter for large pieces but smaller pices can get through.
Also remove all the IC pipes and hoses leading to the charger and clean these out. Use a long bottle brush and degreaser. I usually take then to the car wash if I can to get rid of the worst of the mess. The TB and intake are good to clean once and a while but not a 100% necessary but its a while you are in there type of job if you have the time. and if you have the time its also a good time to play with the TB or pay G60247 to work on the TB. then if you have the intake manifold off you might as well paint it or clean it up and the same goes for the valve cover.
check out Crez's before and after pics of some freshly paint parts:

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Re: Washing intercooler??? (Corrado Alley)

Ok maybe the pics don't do it justice biut it really helps the appearance under the hood look a lot better.
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