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anyone with k04s knows, much past 5500 and the boost level starts to taper off.
The preload of approximately 5psi is not enough and the little suckers start to crack open.
After a failed attempt and a summer and winter of procrastinating i finally did it.
What you need:
5/16th sized one way check valve,
cheap automotive tire pump with gauge and air mattress adapter (should come with it)
5/16th sized line
10mm wrench
COLD engine
trouble light
comfy thing to lie on under the car.
I jacked up one side of the car and that was enough for me.
I loosened the rear facing nuts on the wastegate rods with my wrench, these are the ONLY nuts you can physically access with the wrench so its pretty obvious which ones.
i would mark the nuts so you can tell how many complete turns your adjusting things. I backed them off about 2.5 turns (when you snug them back they will turn a bit from just finger tightening so add 1/4 turn or more to that)
Remove the wastegate line from the n75, insert the one way check valve into it so you can pressurize the wastegates. Use the airpump and pressureize them to no more than 20psi, you dont want to accidently pop the diaphrams right?
now the actuators have moved so you can spin the forward nuts back tight against the wastegate actuators.
Passenger side is fairly easy to get to, but the drivers side is a real *****, just could get the tips of my fingers on it, but i got lucky and they were not seized. On the drivers side, the only way to see the damn thing properly was through a hole in the k-member. Had to put my eye right up to it.

Release the pressure from the line, reatach to the n75. and retighten the rear nuts. Done.
All my research says 1 turn=1psi Ill be testing that theory shortly.
easiest is to disconnect the n75 and see your max boost. should go from 5-6 to whatever.
Im starting at 2 turns to see what happens, my tuner tried maxing out the n75 duty cycle to try to keep the boost up to no avail, so ill have to be careful with how much i adjust at a time.
Took me all of 20 minutes.

Long skinny fingers help.
PS: do the drivers side first, its the hardest, and if the rods are too rusted or the nuts are siezed that is going to be the side that will **** you up.

Good luck.
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