Alastair Moffatt currently holds the parking world record, so who better to test VW’s self-parking system against? Honestly, though, this isn’t a test, it’s an excuse to watch a Crafter van handbrake turn into a parking spot.

And if you watch the video to the end, you see just how difficult this was for Alastair. Not only did he have to slide the van into a spot, he had to manage the wall of air being pushed by the van’s broad sides so as not to knock the empty boxes over.

Another interesting detail revealed in the ad: apparently self-parking works on a manual?? It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Europeans do more with manuals than we do, but I still somehow find it surprising that an “autonomous” (massive air-quotes) feature can manage a clutch.

And in case you wanted to see Alastair Moffatt’s record, you can watch it below.