Few things in life are more entertaining than watching Finns drive in the snow. Throughout the history of motorsport, humble Finland has produced a disproportionate number race winners and in this video we see what happens when they get their hands on aircooled VWs.

As with anyone, Finns seem to like nothing more than a good crash. Few people are quite as quick to jump into action, though. The giggling, the teamwork, the just get back on the road and finish the stage attitude are all deeply charming.

And then there are the cars. Beetles and a Fastback wail bassily in the frigid, snowy stage of the Rengon JM-Putki Rally. As if these cars weren’t desirable enough already, watching a Beetle with rally lights powerslide through the forests of Lapland just pushed an aircooled VW up from idle desire to irrepressible need.