How is a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 like a handful of Skittles? Well, Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa argues that both are unnecessary, both are bad for your health, and both are delicious.

More to the point, though, neither is made to be nutritionally relevant—that’s to say, candy isn’t really food in the same way that Lambos aren’t really cars.

In much the same way, reviews of Lamborghinis aren’t really reviews, as Cammisa is well aware. After going over his gripes with the car—uncomfortable seats, less pace than a Ferrari, a healthy amount of oversteer—he rightly moves on to and focuses on the relevant points: beauty shots, a shrieking engine , and hooning.

The LP 580-2 is the rear-wheel drive variant of the Huracan family, and with an engine that can rev to 9,000 rpm, and styling that would get you attention in Rio during Carnaval, it’s exceedingly good at the above-mentioned candy review trifecta.

And the conclusion? Few automakers are better at making automotive candy than Lamborghini, and the Huracan LP 580-2 is another delicious treat.

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