“I told the lads down at the Phirm to sort it out,” says Richard “Wallye” Walcott, owner of this gorgeous 1989 red G60 Rallye, proving that Guy Ritchie is more of a documentarian than a maker of fictional films.

As the winner of Best Rallye at a show dedicated to Golf Rallyes, it’s safe to say that this car’s beauty is more than skin deep. The car was funded by 24 years of military experience and Walcott picked it over an E30 M3—rarity and proclivity for Volkswagens tipping the scales—the car's path to completion was anything but simple.

As Walcott explains it, he actually bought a different Rallye when he left the military, but it was only six months before he added this one to his collection. The idea was to have one show car and to keep the other one stock. Best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, a divorce caused him to rethink that plan, and since he had more money in this car, he sold the first Rallye and dedicated himself instead to turning this one into an all-rounder.

That means show car wheels and paint, but also a roll cage that rides the line. Walcott is a little unsure if he can trust his 30-year-old speedo, but reports that “it doesn’t hang about once it gets going.”