The process of building a race car is one of those things that looks so big and daunting that, from the outside, it’s hard to imagine how it even happens. I mean, I even find making breakfast from scratch a little upsetting, but these Aussies are building their own Formula Vee race car having started with nothing more than a Beetle engine and luckily for us all, they’re documenting the process on YouTube.

The build-up video is one of my favorite video genres. From Jimmy DiResta to James May’s The Reassembler to those cooking videos on Facebook , watching the process of many parts coming together to make something cool is endlessly fascinating.

So being privy to the design, construction, and completion of a race car is a special treat.

One of the great things about this video series is learning about the challenges and compromises that go into making a car like this. In an early video , for instance, the narrator has to decide how much aerodynamic efficiency he’s willing to give up to cool the engine. Ultimately, he errs on the side of aerodynamics, but it’s a great insight into the difficulties that all car makers face when making everything from a Golf to an Audi R18.

Check out the introduction video above, a more recent video of the race car's first drive below, and you can find the rest on the ThomsenMotorsport YouTube channel.