Testing at the Nurburgring isn't really big news anymore, since all the cool kids are doing it, but for a car that's currently on sale to be there during an industry day to be there raises some eyebrows.

As Motor1 points out , there could be any number of reasons for this and some sound mighty interesting. This is all, of course, speculation, but it's entirely within the realm of possibility that Bugatti is preparing for a lap record or testing some new bits for a Super Sport model. Sadly the list of possibilities doesn't end there, so it could also be a deeply boring test.

Whatever the case, the car sounds pretty fabulous going around the track. As we've learned before , just having a nice engine doesn't mean that it will sound good going around the Nurburgring. But Bugatti's bassy, 1,500 hp W16 does a pretty good job of not being drowned out by the tires or the other cars.

The Chiron also looks stable on track. The occasional wiggle notwithstanding, the dramaless performance here highlights the engineering prowess of Bugatti's engineers. Remember, the Hellcat, which has half as much horsepower, tried to take a bite out of Doug DeMuro while he was going straight.