These days, few people will drive in the snow with anything less than an AWD SUV, but the Shah of  Iran was so enamored of his Lamborghini Miura that he had special tires made for it so he could drive it in the snow.

That’s the inspiration for this gorgeous new film from Kidston, a classic car consultancy from Switzerland.

Winter's Tale[/URL] from Kidston.TV on Vimeo .

Taking its inspiration form the ‘60s, when snow tires were studded and one-horse open sleighs were still around, the video is basically an exhibition of some of the finest car porn of the year.

The bright orange Lamborghini barely ever goes in a straight line, but if you wear a big pair of Italian sun glasses and are the prince of Persia, you can get away with such excessive fun.

Driving a modern Lamborghini in the snow is one thing , but driving a Miura on studded tires is a whole other level of wonderful. Now let’s just all hope that the roads weren’t salted.