For the last couple of years, one name has towered over the production car tire world: Michelin Cup. And Micheline recently came out with the Cup 2 R. So how much faster than the Cup 2 is it?

Quite a bit, it turns out. According to YouTube’s Tyre Reviews, who had the opportunity to lap Michelin’s tire testing track in a 911 GT3 RS, the tires make a big difference.

Better under braking and turning, the Porsche manages quicker times with the Rs. Whereas the Cup 2s make you feel like your face might peel off under braking, the Cup 2 Rs produce actual concern for the wellbeing of your face. 

But in some ways, that’s the problem with the Cup 2 Rs. Starting with such a strong base, there’s only so much you can do. So Michelin has had to sacrifice wet weather traction in order to allow Porsche to set increasingly bonkers lap times.

The result is a tire that is altogether less comfortable in the wet and whose performance drops off faster. Mind you, even when the tires aren’t fresh, the Cup 2 Rs performance still surpasses the Cup 2s.

But the Cup 2 is a more comfortable tire, according to this video, whose performance window is wider. The Cup 2 R, meanwhile, is a more aggressive tire more designed for a single fast lap.