Volkswagen Motorsport is a lot like the rest of us. When there’s no Motorsport going on, they get a little bored. So the team in India took two weeks to build itself a little project.

What it ended up with was a mid-engine Polo RX track toy making 240 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque. The team is calling it the Polo RX and Autocar India got to drive it on track.

To make the car, VW took the front subframe and welded where the back seats should go. Literally. You can still see the steering rack in the trunk.

Obviously, some more modifications were made. It has a fully independent rear suspension and the engine has been straight piped because why not?

The result is a Polo whose weight distribution swings rearward with a 45/55 split front to back. It also means a pointable front end. Thanks to its short wheelbase and all the power going through the rear tires, it is a little scary, though, according to Cyrus Dhabhad of Autocar India.

“It’s absolute mad bonkers fun,” he says, if “a little bit scary.” Probably not surprising.

What is surprising, though, is that not only will VW sell this to you, they’ll sell you one with more than 300 hp if you really want a “mad bonkers” track car. And we kind of really do.