Volkswagen Motorsport has spent the last four years racing through the world’s wooded areas faster than anyone else, but that’s all come to a stop now. Now that the 2016 WRC season is over, so is Volkswagen’s top flight rally team.

The team today released their video saying goodbye. And that's kinda sad.

Since January of 2014, the Volkswagen Rally the World YouTube channel has delighted fans with short little videos before each race.

They weren’t all great, but they were without fail fun, and showed that the people who spent four years winning in the WRC were having fun along the way.

In their final video, the team sends two of its Polos hurtling towards each other and over jumps to perform a mid-air high five.

The video ends with an epigraph thanking the viewer for supporting the team. I suppose we’ll have to start following WRC2, now.