There’s something charming about watching someone who beat Lewis Hamilton to a Formula 1 World Championship go “WOAHHHH” when you talk to him about a car’s performance. The car in question is the ID.R and the someone in question being Nico Rosberg.

There’s also something charming about watching Rosberg be intimidated by a car. The driver, who quit F1 after his championship four years ago, hasn’t raced anything quite this fast since then.

Nor, indeed, did he race something this fast off the line then. Able to hit 62 mph in just 1.65 seconds (in the dry), the ID.R is actually faster than an F1 car. That’s what Romain Dumas, who has set all but one of the ID.R’s track records, attributes his success at the Goodwood Hill Climb to.

if you’ve been following F1 today[/URL] ,
know what I’m about to say[/URL] —rain meant that Rosberg couldn’t try to set another record in the ID.R in this video. But watching his excitement behind the wheel of the car reminds us that EVs won’t crush ICE cars with brutal efficiency, they have the potential to crush them with fun, too.