Those who loved Wheeler Dealer may remember Edd China as the understated heart of the show. After being reworked by some TV executives, though, China left the show because he felt he couldn’t fix cars the way he wanted to.

The split was anything but painless, but China couldn’t help himself but fix cars in front of a camera. Now, he’s releasing a new show that sees him traveling around Europe looking for unfinished projects to finish.

The first episode of Edd China’s Garage Revival Program has been released for free on YouTube and features 16V GTI swap.

The GTI is pretty solid to start with despite being in snowy Norway. All it really needs is some interior work and to have the new engine installed.

Unfortunately, in Norway, that’s quite difficult, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. According to China, the Norwegian authorities make it very difficult to get a car with a swapped engine registered for road use.

Fortunately, thanks to Oettinger and their 16v GTI (which was officially approved by VW France) there was a roundabout way to get the show car registered. All that was required was the installation of rear disc brakes.

So China and the GTI’s owner work to get the car ready for road use. The show is pretty low key and if you were a fan of China’s work before, there’s more of it to dig into here.

Watch the whole episode above.