The end of the year brings many joys, chief among them being Car of the Year events. Yes, every publications brings together their favorite cars on tracks to compare, contrast, and decide which is best. This year, Top Gear has a good, VAG-heavy batch.

Among the many hyper-, super-, and otherwise superlative-cars Top Gear is featuring the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, the Porsche 911 GT3, and a pair of Audis, the RS3 and the R8 Plus Spyder.

It's not all crazy-fast, insanely expensive cars, though. There's humbler fare, too, like a Golf GTI and, adorably, an Up! GTI.

Frankly, that the Up! GTI, a car with less than 1/6th of the R8's power, can reasonably be considered among this storied group is a victory in itself, but its combination of light weight, tiny proportions, and low-speed chicanery make it one of the year's most special cars.

But punching above your weight doesn't mean you can knock out the R8 or even the spectacular RS3. Find out which one takes the cake as Top Gear will be releasing videos and galleries between now and November 1.