A few months back, Volkswagen celebrated the 40 th anniversary of the legendary Golf GTI by breaking the front-wheel-drive lap record at the equally legendary Nurburgring.

Well, it turns out that Volkswagen thought it could do better. Late in October the brand was back in Nurburg when they noticed that the weather was favorable for setting quick lap times. So they sent out the Clubsport S.

The brand has just released the footage of the lap, complete with speedometer, g-meter, and a lap timer that clocks the lap at 7:47.19, a full two seconds faster than its old record of 7:49.21.

The Golf GTI Clubsport S is the most powerful GTI ever, with a turbocharged four that pumps out 305 hp. Volkswagen's ultimate Golf is specifically designed for the track, with no back seats and a drive mode specifically designed for the Nurburgring.

Check out the new lap above, and the old lap from May below.