The GTI wasn’t the first hot hatch, but it was the best. And part of its success was down to the fact that you could have something that felt like a sports car but also felt comfortable when you’re stuck in traffic thinking about the horrors of life. Does the new GTI keep that up?

Yes, it turns out. The latest review of the Mk8 Golf GTI is from CarWow and it’s glowing. Although host Mat Watson says it isn’t the most exciting hot hatch on the market, he is complimentary about its driving dynamics.

“It seems a bit sharper than the last GTI,” says Watson. “And it really does grip onto the road. And that diff just hooks up and pulls you out the bends! This is more fun than any other GTI I’ve driven.”

He does knock the manual transmission, saying it’s just fine. That’s long been a VW problem since its manual seems more designed for commuting than being engaging.

On the highway, meanwhile, Watson is wowed by how quiet and comfortable the GTI is. He says, were it not for the red highlights, he could easily forget that he was in the sporty version of the Golf.

Although there are cars whose figures are more surprising there’s still nothing quite as fully formed and well rounded as the GTI.d