Jay Leno’s Garage is at its best when it’s covering weird and unusual cars, and this week the show features a good one: the 1964 Volkswagen Type 34.

As the fastest and most luxurious VW of its time, the Type 34 has a cult following here, despite never having been sold in America. When they traveled home from abroad, though, many servicemen brought these Corvair-beaters home with them.

Designed, as the name suggests, by Karmann Ghia, the Type 34 was even more luxurious and faster than the VW sports car, the Type 14 Karmann Ghia. That’s because it was built on the slightly bigger Type 3 platform, and featured the 1,500 cc engine.

The result is a comfortable, handsome, and luxurious, albeit not neck-breakingly fast, VW for the sophisticate who to travels in style.

Previously featured on Petrolicious , this Type 34 isn’t exactly stock, but it’s a pretty great example of the breed.