It’s hard to imagine now, but back in the ‘90s, the thought of an all-wheel-drive Lamborghini was not only abhorrent, but aberrant, too. That is to say, it was a deeply odd and people worried that the change would make the 200 mph, V12, Marcello Gandini-designed car whose name literally means devil tame.

This retro review from the masters of the form, Motorweek, comes from 1996, and shows that the Diablo VT was anything but domestic.

The staff of Motorweek were invited Sant’Agata Bolognese to drive the Diablo VT. The appendixed letters in this case stands for viscous traction, a reference to viscous center differential that allows this Diablo to send up to 40% of its power to the front wheels .

It’s funny now to think of a time when AWD was a strange option and not the standard. These days a RWD Lambo is the odd one, though funnily enough the conversation about AWD timidity persists.

As Motorweek puts it, though, the AWD system doesn’t tame the bull, it just puts it in a better mood.