Long the fastest and most luxurious car in the Volkswagen fleet, the Type 34 Karmann Ghia is now something of a rarity. This beautiful, Italian designed VW is now getting some attention thanks to Petrolicious’ latest video.

Like the more common Type 14 Karmann Ghia , the Type 34 was designed by Italian coach builders, Ghia. This one, though, was based on the Type 3 platform, and so packed the 1,500 cc flat four engine from that family of cars.

As the owner of this Type 34, Matt Jacobson, puts it, Volkswagen took "a platform that you could trust and put a beautiful body on it."

The Type 34 can be pretty hard to find nowadays, since it was never officially sold in America. Despite that, some did trickle down over the border from Canada.

For some, though, no amount of effort is too much. “I think it’s the most beautiful car Volkswagen ever made,” says Jacobson.