It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the biggest companies on earth could set some records when it decided that it wanted to. But the accomplishments of Volkswagen Motorsport and the ID.R shouldn’t be downplayed.

It’s easy to forget just how fast the ID.R really is and just convincingly it broke its records, but a new half-hour documentary is the perfect lunchtime viewing to remind yourself how impressive it all was.

The documentary primarily focuses on the car’s second year of existence. Starting after its record-setting drive up Pikes Peak, the film focuses more on the Nurburgring and the Heaven’s Gate road in China.

Although it may feel like a road is a road, the film does a good job of demonstrating just how much work goes into setting the car up for each challenge. There’s a reason, after all, that Pikes Peak record-holders don’t make it to the Nurburgring very often.