Here’s a question: When’s the last time you saw a Countach do a power slide? Same for the Miura, the Bugatti EB110, or even the Veyron. Even though these supposed to be crazy-fast supercars for the super-rich who care not a poop for pedestrian concerns such as money, the only time you ever see these cars driven (if you see them driven at all) is slowly and deliberately.

Yes, these cars cost about as much as a decent apartment in San Francisco, but despite that, they drive slower than your average funeral procession. Just what makes these cars super, then?

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Well, it turns out that like Mr. Incredible, these cars actually do have some superpowers. This Instagram video from “carpicseurope” collects a pair of Bugattis, a pair of Lamborghinis, and a Ferrari theFerrari in woods for a little fun.

You could be forgiven leaving any of these cars in a garage and wiping it with a diaper until your investment grew, but somehow, it’s nice to see these supercars don the old tights and act super again.