Former rallycross and drift champion Tanner Foust is almost completely incapable of driving in a straight line, and the latest video from his energy drink sponsor, Rockstar, goes into the history of just why.

Apparently, the young Foust was given the yellow steering wheel out of a Corvette by a future version of himself, leaving him to ponder the circularity of time.

While Rockstar blames time paradoxes and the flat circled nature of time for Foust’s refusal to drive in a straight line (don't think about it too hard), based on the the evidence presented in this video, I would argue that Foust was the victim of a childhood accident that welded his foot to a throttle pedal.

Seriously, at no point in this video is his foot off the throttle pedal. Driving to the shops with Foust must be a nightmare.

The upshot of his tragic accident, though, is that Foust has an affinity for hoonery that is mostly expressed through Volkswagens. Check out all the sideways action above.