There was a time. A time when an electric clock felt noteworthy and a parcel tray attached to the trunk by a string felt like the height of technology. And it was a good time because it produced the Scirocco.

This utterly English review from Tony Bastable for the Thames TV’s Drive-in features everything you’d expect from a ‘70s review. An ill-advised haircut, excessive amounts of trouser, and a pretty great car.

Bastable complains about a few of the car’s interior features, calling the seats good but impractical, complaining about pedal placement, and butchering Giugiaro’s name. But he finds a whole lot to love in his circles around a parking lot near London.

It’s fun to drive and gets a truly impressive 30 miles per gallon. For all its lack of features, as we know them today, it’s amazing how modern the Scirocco (and the whole lineup) look on paper.