Hypercars belong in Monaco, and that goes double for the nominally French Bugatti Chiron. Thankfully, this one was just released back into its natural habitat.

This video features a Chiron in a truck and in a store, and for a brief moment, driving itself between the two, as if it existed in the real world—or the semi-real world of Monaco.

The 1,500 hp W16 engined car, sadly isn’t driven exuberantly, but you do get to hear it burble menacingly and back into a shop, the door to which is hardly any wider than the car itself.

The car sounds menacing, but looks surprisingly elegant. Something about the proportions makes the Chiron look a little longer, a little curvier, and a little sexier than its predecessor, the Veyron.

When order books open, the Chiron will be limited to 500 examples that will cost around $2.6 million.