To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the R8 V10, Audi sent one to photographer Fabian Oefner to have its internals captured and turned into an exploded view.

The photograph is, on its own, impressive. Equal parts beautiful and surreal, the picture seems to capture a moment in time, not unlike Oefner’s exploding bubbles and pop cans .

But just as impressive is the enormous amount of effort it took to actually make the photo. As you might expect, Oefner had the whole car torn down so that he could take pictures of individual parts separately and stitch it all back together.

But that doesn’t mean it was easy. As Oefner reports in this video, even the mechanics helping him with the tear down were interested because they tend not to break transmissions or A/C units apart. They usually just replace them.
As you might expect, Oefner got the idea for these photos while working on a car of his own and looking at exploded views in technical drawings. And that's part of what he says the appeal of these photos is: they can be appreciated on a technical level or on an aesthetic level equally.