For months now we’ve had to make do with nearly stationary views of the Bugatti Chiron. Finally, though, we get a video of the Chiron really driving.

Cat Throttle has released a video of the Chiron lapping the Nurburgring and as is, perhaps, predictable, the car is fast. Very fast. In fact, it’s very everything. Very expensive, very loud, very quick, very luxurious, and also very heavy.

Unfortunately for Car Throttle, they didn’t actually get to drive the Chiron. Fortunately for the rest of us, it was instead driven by Wolfgang Durheimer, who is maybe the most charming man in Germany.

The Chiron was driven in the lead up to the Nurburgring 24 Hours, and was one of many cars on track when this was filmed. Despite that, and not intimidated by his monstrous creation, Durheimer didn’t shy away from the go pedal and seems to have given his passenger a pretty good ride.

The Chiron has a reworked, quad turbo version of the W16 that went into the Veyron, but now it’s producing the better part of 1,500 hp.


The speedo also goes up to 500 kph, which, I know, tells you as much about the top speed as dried tea leaves, but still, it's a neat little detail. 500 is such a nice, round number. Durheimer did reveal, though, that Bugatti would be taking the Chiron to a test track where the Guiness people would coincidentally also be to get an official figure on the straight line speed of the thing.

Until then, though, the video alleges that the Chiron got up to 200mph on the Nurburging straight, which looks like an awfully impressive speed from in the cabin.