It is an inarguable fact of automotive life that Volkswagen can build a hell of a hot hatch. Be it a GTI or an R, the Golf is the standard against which all other hot hatches are measured and even an additional £20,000 can’t get you something better, according to this latest video from the guys over at Autocar.

At 310 hp, the Golf R isn’t necessarily the most powerful car in its bracket, nor is it the most luxurious, nor the cheapest, nor the 'estest. But in reality, unlike in internet arguments, 'ests aren’t best.

Whereas the Mercedes-AMG A45 (the A is for abomination) is one of the fastest accelerating hot hatches that money can buy, and in drag races, it puts its power down beating the Golf R handily.

For that performance, though, you’re giving up any chance at appearing reasonable or indeed dignified. The Golf R, meanwhile, drives quickly, sounds good, looks great, and can just be a regular car when it needs to be.

The lesson here being that a good car is more than the sum of its numbers.