The Gold R’s unveiling is just around the corner, but before we get to see it, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with videos of it testing at the Nurburgring. 

Apparently uncamouflaged, the R looks pretty handy around the fearsome track. Able to carry lots of speed through the corners, we have high hopes of the Mk8 Golf R.

Power should be up over the previous generation, with rumors suggesting that 330 hp will be on tap. Whatever the case, the R will have to have more than the last men’s 300 hp, because that’s how much power the GTI Clubsport now makes and hierarchies must be preserved. 

Rumors also suggest that VW will go the way of Audi and BMW adding an R button to the steering wheel to give you quick access to all the performance the Golf can offer.

We’ll find out everything Volkswagen is hiding under this test car on November 4, when the brand fully reveals the pinnacle of the Mk8 Golf range.