The Jalpa may not be the Lamborghini you think of when the topic of the ‘80s comes up, but if anything that just makes this video cooler.

Everyone and their mother has done a Countach video . How often to you get to hear the Jalpa on track? Or at all, for that matter.

Sure, DeMuro reviewed it , but how much can a dollar store mic really pick up? Thank goodness for the production value that baby boomer insurance can buy.

This video from Hagerty doesn’t have much in the way of narrative, or anything in the way of dialogue, but what it does have is a 3.5-liter V8.

The engine sounds great, though not uncomplicatedly so. Along with the growl of the engine, and the pops on the overrun, there’s a sound that’s best described as change thrown in a washing machine, and another that sounds like metal on a lathe.

It’s a little alarming, but I suppose that’s probably what driving the Jalpa on track is like, so it fits.