Don’t take your car to Bonneville, is pretty much the lesson of this video. Do go to Bonneville, just don’t do it in the car you’re hoping to drive back to town. Especially not if that car is an out of date luxury car with some electrical gremlins.

There’s really no real-world applicability to this test, apart from some torture testing, I guess, but it’s fun all the same to see two last-gen luxury cars hit their top speeds on the salt flats.

The consequences of that fun, for the Phaeton at least, are pretty amusing. Not only does salt cake the outside of the car in a way that makes me uncomfortable and rust jump for joy, the salt is so bad that it cakes the inside of a wheel and makes it hop down the road.

To be fair, though, these two cars were already struggling before they got to Bonneville. With batteries suffering, door-ajar lights flashing, and a host of other small problems, that these were run at 135 and 160 mph respectively is pretty wild.