There’s a phenomenon in the automotive world that I like to call the Bobby Fallacy. It’s the inclination to rate speed as the most important quality to measure a car by.

The first data points we seek are horsepower, 0-60 times, top speeds, even the subtler stuff like skidpad tests are about going faster. I don’t mean to say that speed isn’t important. It’s fun and it’s easy to talk about—or at least it seems to be.

I just don’t think all of these data points really express the fullness of the joy that cars bring.

This short, quiet video hints at a little more of what’s lovely about driving. The surprise of wildlife, the beauty of the scenery, and the tactile joy of interacting with human ingenuity.

The car is a synecdoche for humanity. The cleverness, the love, the hate, and the cost of our hubris. But most of all the deep, dogged dedication to fun.