Fifth Gear’s Vicky Butler-Henderson teams up with Carfection’s Henry Catchpole to answer the ultimate question: is the new R8 actually better than the original R8?

On paper, the new R8 V10 Plus makes a strong argument for itself. Nearly 50% more power, a solid second-and-a-half faster to 60 mph, and it’s only lugging a few more kilos even though it has two extra cylinders. For that, though, you give up the manual transmission and double the price.

Ultimately, both Butler-Henderson and Catchpole agree that the old R8, with its hyper mechanical 6-speed is the way to go. Never mind that the new one can play your podcasts, all the entertainment you’ll ever need is in the changing of fifth back down to fourth.

Still, they agree that despite the weight and the less-entertaining transmission, there’s nothing wrong with the V10. In fact, they’re both impressed with how much of the original’s spirit has been retained through to 2019. 

first published on Fourtitude