Although the new RS4 Avant was determined to be too “niche” to exist in America, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to hear all about it.

Yes, like Bella in “Twilight New Moon,” we freely inflict pain on ourselves just to see a wisp of the love we’ve lost. So watch this excellent Carfection review and hurt so good.

As expected, reviewer Henry Catchpole makes the RS4 Avant sound painfully delightful, calling it even better than the RS5.

Even the lack of a V8 doesn’t bother him. Catchpole argues that the reduced weight up front only makes the RS4 Avant better to drive. And though it doesn’t sound as good, the V6 is anything but unsonorous.

The RS4 Avant “has that split personality down to absolute perfection,” says Catchpole, arguing that it’s the perfect third car for your dream three car garage. You can have the supercar, the sportscar, and this is the ultimate blend of practical and fun to fill out that third spot.

Easily derivable as a daily, an absolute blast when the road gets twisty, and more than big enough to fit everything you could reasonably need.